Wrist fractures


That result from a fall from a standing height or less are ref2242ed to a fragility fractures and are associated with osteoporosis.

Comprise 26-46% of all observed skeletal fractures.

Most common fragility fracture in elderly.

In a study of 21,432 women 45 years of age or older ref2242ed for bone mineral density evaluation were observed for fractures: 12.4% experienced a primary fracture before the BMD and wrist fractures were more than twice as common as clinical spine and humeral fractures and more than 3 times as common as hip fractures, accounting for 46.2% of observed primary fracture burden (Hodsman).

Women with wrist fractures in the Manitoba Bone Density Program were younger than women with other types of fractures and were significantly less likely to have osteoporosis by BMD (Hodsman).

10-year risk of recurrent fractures following primary wrist fracture was 14% and was significantly lower than other fracture sites which exceeded 20% (Hodson).

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