Wells scoring system

Scoring system for detection of DVT consists of nine distinct factors that help estimate probability for deep vein thrombophlebitis (Wells PS et al).

One point is given for the presence of each of the following: 1-active cancer, 2-immobilization of the lower extremities, 3-bedridden or having undergone recent surgery, 4-swelling of the entire lower extremity, 5-calf swelling of greater than 3 cm in the symptomatic versus the asymptomatic extremity, 6-pitting edema confined to the symptomatic leg, 7-previously documented DVT, 8 localized tenderness along the distribution of the deep venous system, 9-superficial, nonvaricose veins in the symptomatic extremity.

The pretest probability of DVT is high with a score of three or more, moderate with a score of 1 to 2 and low for a score of zero or less.

Leg erythema is not a criteria of the Wells scoring system.

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