Vincristine sulfate liposome

Approved for ALL.

Trade name Marqibo.

In standard regimens vincristine dose does not exceed 2 mg to minimize neuropathy, and with liposomal formula the dosage can be increased to 2.5 mg/ m2,

In adults approved for the treatment of patients with Philadelphia chromosome negative ALL whose disease has progressed following at least 2antileukemia therapies.

RALLY study of Adult ALL. patients with refractory or relapsed disease Philadelphia negative disease treated with VSL overall response rate 35%, with a median survival of 4.6 months.

HBS407 trial, 15.4% response rate with a median duration of remission 28 days in ALL.

Administered once a week.

Can be used in place of vincristine, in vincristine combination regimens.

Efficacious in diffuse large cell lymphoma and mantle cell lymphoma.

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