Ulipristal acetate

A selective progesterone receptor modulator that acts on progesterone receptors in myometrial and endometrial tissue.

Inhibits ovulation without causing major effects on estradiol levels or anti-glucocorticoid activity.

Ulipristal acetate randomly assigned to symptomatic women with fibroids with excessive uterine bleeding revealed effective control of bleeding and reduction in the size of fibroids (Donnez J et al).

In a double-blind non-inferiority trial 307 patients with symptomatic bleeding fibroids randomly assigned to receive 3 months of daily therapy with early ulipristal or once monthly intramuscular ejections of leuprolide: both 5mg and 10 mg daily doses of ulipristal were not inferior to once monthly leuprolide in controlling uterine bleeding and were significantly less likely to cause hot flashes (Donnez J et al).

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