Terry’s nails

Terry’s nails is a type of nail discoloration. 

The nailbeds look washed out,except for a thin reddish-brown strip near the tip. 

Terry’s nails is a symptom of a chronic condition, such as liver failure or diabetes.

Sometimes, it is a sign of aging. 

Terry’s nails look like frosted glass with no half-moon shape near the cuticle and a brown strip near the tip.

Most of your fingernail or toenail looks white, like frosted glass, except for a thin brown or pink strip at the tip. 

Patients with Terry’s nails don’t have a half-moon shape near their cuticles. Instead, nearly the whole nail looks washed out.

It usually affects all of the fingernails., but can also have it on just one fingernail or one toenail.

Terry’s nails is a type of leukonychia, white discoloration in one or multiple nails.

More than 8 out of 10 people with severe cirrhosis of the liver have white nails.

Terry’s nails appears as a mostly white or washed-out nailbed, and L indsay’s nails refers to nails that are half white and half brown or red.

People with liver disease are more likely to have Terry’s nails. 

People with kidney disease are more likely to have Lindsay’s nails.

It is possible Terry’s nails have fewer blood vessels near their nailbeds.

Terry’s nails can be a symptom of: 


Congestive heart failure.


Kidney failure

Viral hepatitis

There is no specific treatment, and focuses on the underlying cause.

Terry’s nails can go away when the condition that causes this symptom improves.

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