Renal artery aneurysm

Occurs in 0.1-.09% with a mean incidence of 0.21%.

Surgical repair of 1.0 cm aneurysms or larger with difficult to control hypertension is indicated.

Most cases are congenital but atherosclerosis, fibromuscular dysplasia, trauma and connective tissue diseases may be responsible.

Comprises 1% of all aneurysms and 22% of visceral aneurysms.

Peak incidence about 60 years with increasing frequency secondary to new imaging techniques.

Most lesions are single and unilateral but may be multiple and bilateral in 30% and 20% of cases, respectively.

Patients are usually asymptomatic or have nonspecific symptomatology.

Hypertension present in 55% of patients, while 30% have hematuria and 21% have flank pain.

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