Pro and anti-inflammatory diets

Women consuming a more pro-inflammatory diet are at increased risk for breast cancer, especially premenopausal women.


Foods that increase inflammation include red and processed meat; high-fat foods such as butter, margarines and frying fats; and sweets including sugar, honey, and foods high in sugar. 


Fruits, vegetables, legumes, tea and coffee all have potentially anti-inflammatory properties.


Low-grade chronic inflammation is associated with several cancers.


While diet contributes to the state of low-grade chronic inflammation, there is  no single dietary components, except alcohol, have been found to be strongly associated with breast cancer


In a study of more than 318,000 women from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) who were followed for 14 years.


(13,246 who developed breast cancer), 


There  was a positive association between an inflammatory diet and breast-cancer risk.

Women with highest quintile of Inflammatory diet had a significant 12% increase in risk of breast cancer compared with those in the lowest quintile of inflammatory diet.


The association between pro-inflammatory diets and breast-cancer risk was independent of breast cancer hormone receptor subtype. 



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