Prevents acute and delayed chemotherapy induced emesis.

(Aloxi)-Second generation 5-HT3 antagonist with a prolonged half life enhanced receptor binding affinity.

Several advantages over 5HT3 receptor antagonists with a half life of nearly 40 hours, making it much more durable compared to first-generation agents which had half-lives of approximately 10 hours.

A 5-HT3 receptor antagonist with antiemetic activity at both central and gastrointestinal sites.

Compared with first-generation 5-HT3 (5-Hydroxytryptamine)receptor antagonists, it has a significantly longer half life, and different molecular interactions with HT-3 receptors.

Prolonged bioavailability allows this drug to be effective in acute and delayed phase this chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting.

Palonosetron plus dexamethasone has demonstrated superiority over the first generation 5-HT3 RAs plus dexamethasone.

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