Lille model

The Lille Model is a medical scoring tool for predicting mortality in patients with alcoholic hepatitis who are not responding to steroid therapy. 



The model risk stratifies patients on steroids to predict who will improve and who should be considered for alternative treatment options including early referral for transplant.



The model is based on:












Bilirubin+ day 7









Patients with a Lille score above 0.45 are likely non-responders to steroid therapy.


The score ranges from 0 to 1. 

A score of 0.45 or higher at the seventh day of treatment indicates no improvement in the response to prednisolone and a low probability of short-term survival, as compared with patients who have a response; treatment should be discontinued. 


A score below 0.45 indicates a positive response to treatment, which should be continued for up to 28 days. 





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