Blood types

Distribution of blood types



There are 4 main blood groups: A, B, AB and O, of which group O is the most common. In the United States, the average distribution of blood types is as follows:



O-positive: 38 percent



O-negative: 7 percent



A-positive: 34 percent



A-negative: 6 percent



B-positive: 9 percent



B-negative: 2 percent



AB-positive: 3 percent



AB-negative: 1 percent



blood type distribution


African American: 47% O-positive, 24% A-positive, and 18% B-positive. Latin American: 53% O-positive, 29% A-positive, and 9% B-positive. Asian: 39% O-positive, 27% A-positive, and 25% B-positive. Caucasian: 37% O-positive, 33% A-positive, and 9% B-positive.



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