Most common tumor causing hypoglycemia.

Most common type of islet-cell tumor.

Incidence one in 4 million people.

Median age is 50  years at the time of surgery.

57% of patients are women.

Most cases are sporadic and tend to occur in patients older than 40 years.

Patients with multiple insulinomas are at an increased risk of having the multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 syndrome.

About 90 percent are benign and amenable to surgical removal.

5 year overall survival rate of approximately 50% when metastases are present at diagnosis.

The tumor grade, influence his overall survival, low-grade tumors have a better outcome than intermediate and high-grade tumors.

In most cases surgical resection of the tumor is the treatment of choice.

Resection is curable in nearly 90% of patients.

8-9% may experience postoperative hypoglycemia and up to 6% may experience recurrent hypoglycemia in the future.

Medication management for patients who refuse surgery or are they too high risk for surgery include using diazoxide or somatostatin analogues.

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