Insulin degludec

Insulin degludec is an ultralong-acting basal insulin analogue.

Brand name Tresiba.

A modified insulin that has one single amino acid deleted in comparison to human insulin, and is conjugated to hexadecanedioic acid via gamma-L-glutamyl spacer at the amino acid lysine at position B29.

This modification allows for the formation of a subcutaneous depot that results in slow insulin release into the systemic circulation.

It is administered via subcutaneous injection once daily to help control the blood sugar level of those with diabetes.

Other long-acting insulins such as insulin glargine and insulin detemir duration of 18 to 26 hours.

Rates of nocturnal hypoglycemia ranged from 3.7 to 5.1 events per patient year.

Its onset of action of 30–90 minutes is similar to insulin glargine and insulin detemir

There is no peak in activity, due to the slow release into systemic circulation., and its duration of action of insulin degludec is reported as being longer than 24 hours.

Patients taking insulin degludec need to take significantly smaller doses of basal insulin than those taking insulin glargine U100,.

It has the ability to be mixed with other insulins, thereby improving glycemic control.

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