GammaPod radiation


The GammaPod machine delivers focused radiation within the breast. 

GammaPod can pinpoint radiation to the tumor bed in the breast which lowers the amount of radiation to nearby tissues. 

The machine uses a breast cup system to hold the breast in place for the treatment. 

The cup system securely positions the breast for treatment in the correct location.

The vacuum assisted breast immobilization cup has embedded fiducial wire that keeps the target centered during treatment.

Higher doses of radiation can be administered in a more controlled and patient friendly manner.

Using CT localization the system delivers treatment from a multi source cobalt-60 stereotactic radiotherapy system.

The system uses 25 cobalt sources of radiation to continuously rotate during treatment, creating thousands of beams angles that convergent to target to create an intensive focal spot.

The process can achieve reduced treatment margins of 2-3 mm compared to those required by conventional radiation therapy at 10-15 mm.

 The tumor itself receives a full dose while the surrounding healthy tissue is spared.

Treatments may be delivered pre-surgically and also post surgically.

Treatments can be delivered as a single fraction or with multiple fractions.

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