Fuch’s corneal dystrophy


The leading cause of corneal transplantation.

Affects 5% of people over the age of 40 years in the United States.

Deposits of visible tissue, called guttae, under the corneal endothelium.

An endothelial hereditary degenerative process of focal excrescences in the Descemet membrane to endothelial cell loss and stromal edema.

Can exhibit both sporadic and autosomal dominant familial inheritance patterns.

Associated with multiple genetic mutations.

Associated with loss of endothelial cells and deposition of an abnormal extracellular matrix on microscopic examination.

Advanced disease leads to corneal swelling and corneal cloudiness as a result of the remaining endothelium being insufficient to keep the cornea clear and dehydrated.

A progressive and bilateral process with corneal endothelial dysfunction which leads to impaired vision.

Corneal edema that is present progress after cataract surgery.

Lesion is a result of loss of corneal transparency associated with in the corneal layer irregularity in early disease and edema of the cornea in late disease.

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