A surgical procedure designed to relieve nerve compression causing pain and numbness in the back and extremities.

Nerve root compression is managed by enlarging the foraminal canal.

Performed to correct nerve compression caused by the intervertebral foramina.

A foramen is a passage for spinal nerves from the spinal cord, through the vertebrae and out into our body.

31 different pairs of spinal nerve roots pass through these foramen.

Compression in the foramen could be caused by a bone spur, excessive ligament growth, scar tissue, or a damaged intervertebral disc, resulting in pinched nerves causing pain and numbness.

Foraminotomy is most often performed as a minimally invasive technique either microscopically or endoscopically.

A small hole is drilled in the vertebra to visualize the foramen with the aid of microscopic lenses, an arthroscope, or an endoscope and remove bone or ligament.

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