The precursor of fibrin and the major coagulation protein in blood by mass.

An essential component of hemostasis: it is cleaved by thrombin into fibrin, which polymerizes into Factor XIII cross-linked fibers that have important functions in adhesion, platelet aggregation, and Inflammation.

An important determinant of blood viscosity and platelet aggregation.

A marker of inflammation and a predictor of coronary artery disease.

Decreases in hyperlipidemic patients treated with statins.

Conversion to fibrin leads to the formation of fibrin monomers and excessive thrombus formation.

Thrombi are rapidly dissolved by excessive fibrinolysis.

At low levels it is an ominous finding in patients with bleeding.

Using fibrinogen concentrate reduces bleeding and transfusions in various clinical situations but a general conclusion is limited as to its abilities to reduce bleeding.

Concentrated fibrinogen is available and either prepared fibrinogen concentrate or cryoprecipitate.

Fibrinogen comes as 1 g of liyhilized fibrinogen.

The powder is stable for at least three years at fridgeeration and does not require thawing or blood bank handling, and is treated for an activation of several viruses that may be transmitted by transfusion.

Reconstituted product is stable for 24 hours requires at room temperature.

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