Fibrin glue

Fibrin sealant is a synthetic substance used to create a fibrin clot.

A surgical hemostatic/adhesive material.

A solution of concentrated fibrinogen and factor XIII combined with a solution of thrombin and calcium forming a coagulum, simulating the final stage of the clotting cascade.

When the thrombin/calcium is combined with the fibrinogen/factor XIII, a fibrin clot forms in seconds.

In some preparations contain an antifibrinolytic agent is included, presumably to prevent lysis of the clot.

Commercially prepared fibrin sealants are presently available.

Can be made from cryoprecipitate.

Made up of fibrinogen and thrombin.

It is injected into the site of a fibrin tear.

Thrombin acts as an enzyme and converts the fibrogen into fibrin between 10 and 60 seconds and acts as a tissue adhesive.

Can be used for repairing dura tears, bronchial fistulas and for achieving hemostasis after trauma,and for corneal transplantation.

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