FEIBA VH-(Factor VIII inhibitor bypassing activity)

Freeze dried sterile human plasma fraction with Factor VIII bypassing activity.

Indicated for the control of bleeding episodes or for surgical treatment in hemophilia A or B patients with inhibitors.

Can be used in patients with acquired inhibitors to factors VIII, XI or XII.

The only aPCC available is FEIBA, a plasma-derived concentrate containing activated clotting factors that has undergone a single-viral inactivation with dry heat vapor treatment.

Overall complete response rate of 86% with a dosing regimen of FEIBA at 75 units/kg every 8–12 hours with a median number of 10 doses to control a severe bleed.

A maximum dose of 200 units/kg within a 24-hour period should not be exceeded, due to a risk of thromboembolism.

Prophylaxis with anti-inhibitor coagulant complex, FEIBA, decreases the frequency of joint and other bleeding events in patients with severe hemophilia A and factor VIII inhibitors (Leissinger C et al).

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