Choroidal melanoma

The most common intraocular cancer in adults.

Enucleation primary treatment for large tumors.

5-year melanoma related mortality 27%.

Small choroidal melanoma generally defined as a tumor 3 mm or less in thickness.

Small choroidal melanoma can simulate nevus, and there are clinical, cytologic, and cytogenic features they can differentiate these conditions.

Small choroid melanoma treatment with plaque radiotherapy has a 10 year risk for visual acuity loss of 48.9% and the 10 year risk of systemic metastases of 8.8%.

Each millimeter of increase in thickness in diameter contributed risk for metastatic disease.

Cytogenetics abnormalities in chromosome three, six, and eight are important in melanoma risk for metastases.

For chromosome three abnormalities, clinical features include to my location in the ciliary body, increasing to make sickness, increasing tumor bass, and older age.

For chromosome 8P and 8Q abnormalities, features include tumor location in the ciliary body, increasing tumor thickness , and ocular melanomocytosis.

Chromosome 3 mutation is found in 35% of small melanomas, 52% of medium melanomas is 65% of large choroid melanomas, correlating with metastatic risk.

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