Body composition and type 2 diabetes

A study analyzed the body composition of individuals with type 2 diabetes (T2DM). 



Body composition was measured through multifrequency bioelectrical impedance analysis.



The prevalence of overall low muscle mass and sarcopenic obesity was 28.0% and 18.7%, respectively, which increased with age. 



The overall prevalence of obesity when body fat percentage was used was 71.5%, which was higher than that when BMI was applied (32.4%). 



The normal BMI group exhibited a prevalence of low muscle mass of 55.6% and sarcopenic obesity of 34.8%.



The prevalence of low muscle mass and sarcopenic obesity was high in older adults and people with normal BMI. 



Using BMI to assess obesity and determine insufficient muscle mass underestimates the prevalence of obesity and neglects the problems of sarcopenia and high body fat in people with normal BMI.



T2DM is more closely correlated with body fat percentage and skeletal muscle than BMI.



Body composition is the ratio of fat to nonfat (bone, muscle, and other tissue) in the body.




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