B-cell receptor

Plays an important part in the development and maturation of B-cells.

BCR signaling please roll in B-cell activation, proliferation, and survival.

BCR activation provides one of the most important survival signals to CLL B-cells.

B-cell receptors assist with binding, internalization, and processing of an antigen. 

Such signals are transduced through a variety of kinases including: LYN, PI3K, SYK, and BTK, and results in the phosphorylation of PLC-gamma2 and induction of downstream second messengers modulating cell survival regulators.

Stimulation of B-cell receptors induces the activation of multiple enzymes, including Bruton tyrosine kinase (BTK) which is part of the B-cell receptor signaling pathway that communicates with other cells of the immune system and results in B-cell proliferation and activation.

Abnormal BCR signaling is implicated as a key pathway in leukemogenesis.

Kinase inhibitors such as Ibrutinib and Idelalisib target different mediated of BCR signaling.

By targeting the different kinases involved in the BCR pathway survival signals can be prevented resulting in apoptosis of cancer cells.

The disruption of the signals can result in mobilization of malignant B-cells in lymph nodes and bone marrow, allowing access to the immune system.

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