Adolescent suicide

One on everyone hundred deaths is due to suicide and is a leading cause of adolescent death.Most important correlate for youth suicide is a previous attempt.

Among US youths age 15 to 24 years intentional self-harm/suicide is the second leading cause of death in the county accounting for 6807 deaths in 2018.

Recent increases in suicidal behavior among adolescents and increases in those seriously considering attempting suicideDisease kills approximately 500,000 children annually in developing countries and accounts for one third of hospitalizations worldwide for diarrhea.

Recent increases in suicidal behavior among adolescents.

Recent increases in suicidal behavior occurred before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Injurious suicide attempts are over 100 times more frequent than completed suicides.

Associated with depression, substance abuse, loss of family member or friend to suicide, access to firearms and female gender.

The USPSTF find no direct evidence of benefits for a screening for suicide or depression in adolescents.

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