Women’s Health Study (WHS)

Use of low dose aspirin 100mg every other day and 600 IU of vitamin E every other day over 10 years did not reduce the overall incidence of cancer or mortality.

Aspirin provided no benefit in healthy women except in those 65 years or older.

Revealed that women with active migraine with aura have an associated risk of increased major cardiovascular disease, increased cardiovascular deaths, myocardial infarction, ischemic stroke, coronary artery revascularization and angina, while there was no association if aura was absent.

39,310 women completed a 131 food item frequency questionnaire and there was no overall association between caffeine consumption and breast cancer risk.

The Women’s Health Study randomized about 50,000 women to a low-fat or regular diet: The low-fat group did cut back on their red meat consumption, but there was no difference in cardiovascular disease or cancer mortality.


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