Ventral hernia repair

Laparoscopic ventral hernia repair associated with fewer infections, recurrences and shorter hospital stays than open repair.

Risks of complications and recurrences about half that of open surgical procedures, 25.5% compared to 41.7%, respectively.

Recurrence rates of laparoscopic repair compares favorably with primary repairs with below 4% vs. 63%.

Rate of inadvertent enterotomy during laparoscopic hernia repair 1.9-3.3%.

Following laparoscopic hernia repair pneumoperitoneum can be seen below the diaphragm on upright x-rays for up to one week after surgery.

Serial abdominal x-rays after repair showing no progression in the pneumoperitoneum indicates an absence of an enterotomy and viscus perforation.

A large amount of air under the diaphragm indicates the presence of a perforated viscous.

Inadvertent enterotomy can be indicated by abdominal x-rays showing ileus, multiple air-fluid levels in the bowel and blunting of the costophrenic angle.

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