Varicella zoster immune globulin (VariZIG)

A purified immune globulin preparation made from human plasma containing high levels of anti-varicella zoster virus antibodies.

Used for postexposure prophylaxis of varicella in individuals at high risk of severe disease who don’t have evidence of immunity to varicella and can’t take the varicella vaccine.

The decision to use this vaccine depends on the lack of evidence of immunity to varicella, whether exposure is likely result in infection, and what is the patient is it greater risk from varicella complications than the general public.

Groups that should receive the vaccine include immunocompromised patients without evidence of the immunity, newborns whose mothers have the signs and symptoms of varicella around the time of delivery, hospitalized premature infants born after 28 weeks of gestation whose mothers don’t have evidence of immunity to varicella, in hospitalized premature infants born before 28 weeks gestation weighing 1000 g or less at birth regardless of the mothers immunity to varicella and pregnant women without evidence of immunity.

Can be given up to 10 days after exposure to the virus,with the same effectiveness as when used within the previously recommended four day window.

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