Tubal ligation

Three types of tubal sterilization procedures include: tying and cutting, burning, and blocking with occlusive devices such as clips or rings.

Tying and cutting involves ligation of the tube and cutting out a segment leaving two disconnected parts.

Burning the tube is performed with an electrocautery unit and is most commonly performed through laparoscopic surgery.

Blocking of the tube may occur outside using clips, rings or bands or inside the tube itself.

Blocking techniques associated with higher failure rate than other methods.

Of the blocking procedures, tubal clips have the least damage associated with it and is best for reversing sterilization.

Of the blocking procedures utilizing a device into the tube is associated with scarring and is among the most difficult to reverse.

Reduces the risk of epithelial ovarian cancer by 33% in both the general population and BRCA1 carriers.

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