Transverse nasal crease

Cartilage and skin of the nose may become damaged when the nose is repeatedly creased due to the allergic salute. 

The transverse nasal crease or groove is a usually white line between the upper two-thirds and the lower third of the human nose.

It appears slightly above the cartilage tip between the bridge and nostrils.

It can be the the result of heredity, accident, or the constant rubbing or wiping of the nose, commonly referred to as the allergic salute.

The transverse nasal crease is common in children and adults with chronic nasal allergies. 

People with allergies often use their hands to remove mucus from a runny nose or rub an itchy nose, pressing the tip of the nose up those creating the crease.

Its appearance depends on skin pigmentation: On lighter-skinned people, the transverse nasal crease is lighter in color than the surrounding skin, and may appear white. 

In darker-skinned people, the line may appear darker than the surrounding skin.

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