Loop diuretic with oral bioavailability of 76% to 96%.

Half-life of 4-6 hours in the 12-18 hour duration of action.

Intrinsically blocks sympathetic nervous system and aldosterone activity which may lead to cardiac remodeling in decreased Kaliuresis.

Compared with furosemide, however, torsemide is associated with a lower risk of rehospitalization for heart failure and an improvement in New York Heart Association class of heart failure but no difference in the risk of death.

Torsemide may also be safer than furosemide.

Torsemide has increased bio availability and potency than furosemide.

Unlike furosemide, torsemide downregulates the renin- angiotensin-aldosterone system, reduces myocardial, fibrosis, and fosters reverse myocardial remodeling.

Studies in heart, failure revealed torsemide versus furosemide, torsemide, improved quality, life, reduced hospitalization, and in one study, there was more than 50% reduction in mortality after nine months.

In the TRANSFORM-HF randomized trial of torsemide versus furosemide in chronic heart failure.: no difference in mortality at 30 months; no difference in hospitalization at 12 months.

In the above study patients discharged after hospitalization for heart failure the use of torsemide or furosemide did not result in significant differences in all cause mortality over 12 months.





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