A topoisomerase I inhibitor with a response rate of 14-33% in recurrent ovarian carcinoma in standard 5 day treatment regimen.

Routes:Intravenous infusion, oral

Bioavailability 31.4% and protein binding of 35%.

Hepatic metabolism with half-life 2-3 hours.

Renal excretion.

A chemotherapeutic agent that is a topoisomerase inhibitor.

A water-soluble derivative of camptothecin.

Used to treat ovarian cancer and lung cancer.

The first topoisomerase I inhibitor for oral use.

Weekly treatment results in decreased myelosuppression with response rates in recurrent ovarian cancer similar to daily treatment schedule.

Has a response rate of 28% when used neoadjuvantly in newly diagnosed medulloblastoma and CNS PNET.

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