Thyroid Cancer Staging


Primary Tumor

 T2 Tumor less than 1 cm in diameter
 T2 Tumor >1 cm bur < 4 cm in diameter
 T3 Tumor >4 cm in diameter
 T4 Tumor of any size extending beyond the thyroid capsule

  Regional Lymph Nodes

 N0 No regional lymph node metastases
 N1 Regional lymph node metastases

  Distant Metastasis

 M0 No distant metastases
 M1 Distant metastases

Stage Grouping

Stage I  <45 years Any T, any N, M0
Stage I >45 years T1,N0,M0
Stage II Any T, any N, M1 T2 or T3, N0,M0
Stage III T4, N0,M0
Any T,N1,M0
Stage IV Any T, any N,M1


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