Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, is a global biopharmaceutical company that specializes in researching and developing innovative therapies for various medical conditions.

The company has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, and has operations in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Takeda has a diverse portfolio of medications that cover a wide range of therapeutic areas, including oncology, gastroenterology, immunology, and rare diseases.

Some of their notable products include Velcade, a treatment for multiple myeloma, Entyvio, a medication for inflammatory bowel disease, and Ninlaro, which is used to treat multiple myeloma.

The company has a strong commitment to research and development and is passionate about finding new treatments for unmet medical needs.

Takeda invests heavily in research and development activities and has partnerships with academic institutions and biotech companies to facilitate its drug discovery efforts.

Additionally, the company is committed to sustainability and has implemented initiatives to reduce its environmental impact and improve social responsibility.

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