Sweet potato



All potatoes are nutrient-dense and healthy.



Sweet potatoes are the orange, yellow and purple varieties of the root vegetable.



They are lower in calories and carbohydrates than the average potato, and higher in vitamin A.



One sweet potato provides far more than 100% of your recommended daily allotment of vitamin A.



Sweet potatoes are also rich in vitamin C and vitamin B6, which is important for brain and nervous system health. 



They’re also a good source of potassium and magnesium, which help improve heart health by helping to regulate blood pressure.



One sweet potato has about four grams of plant-based fiber, which helps maintain a healthy weight and lowers risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol.



Sweet potatoes do have more carbs than non-starchy vegetables like broccoli. 



Half a cup of sweet potatoes contains about 13 grams of carbs, while the same amount of broccoli has about 3 grams.



Sweet potatoes provide more energy than non-starchy veggie alternatives.



All vegetables are healthy options to work into your diet and offer a range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, 



Deeper coloring of a sweet potato is suspected the higher the nutritional content. 



A majority of the antioxidants are in the skin.



Steaming, roasting, baking and boiling sweet potatoes preserve nutrients.










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