Surgical incisions

McBurneys incision is the most commonly used incision for appendicectomy.

The incision is at the McBurney’s point which is at the junction between the middle one third and the outer one third of a line extending from umbilicus towards the anterior superior iliac spine.

The incision is commonly placed obliquely and has the potential to be expanded.

Pfannensteil incisional for surgical access towards pelvic organs and mainly for cesarean sections.

The incision is placed horizontally about 5 cm above the pubic symphysis and is about 12 cm in length.

Kocher subcostal incision is placed below the costal margin or the lower margin of the rib cage and could be on either left or in the right, but most often the incision will be placed on the right side of the body to gain access to the gall bladder and the billiary tree.

Mid line incision is placed on the middle of the abdomen and runs vertically providing access to almost all abdominal organs.

Paramedian incisions are used when the need arise to access certain organs towards a particular side of the abdomen.

Both transverse and paramedian incisions are associated with a lower hernia rate than midline incisions.

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