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Standard of Care is a searchable medical journal and valuable civic resource, headquarters for modern medical and pharmaceutical information, breaking news, and collaboration. From professionals to colleagues, medical students to those seeking to learn about a specific medical symptom or condition, thousands choose Standard of Care for their daily dose of knowledge, research, and exciting scientific breakthroughs.











Dr. Stephen Cohen

Have you ever wanted to read the notes and observations of a practicing compassionate and empathetic doctor who has cared for cancer patients for over 40 years? Well now you can! Dr. Stephen Cohen, medical oncologist and hematologist practicing in San Antonio, Texas, has kept a daily journal of interesting medical info and tidbits he encounters day to day from his personal experiences with patient care, professional journals he reads, and medically relevant information on all subjects that he comes across.




Just take a moment to search through the site or visit a random page and infallibly interesting medical information you may have otherwise never known will be displayed. But be prepared, your thirst for medical knowledge might have you drinking from the digital spigot longer than you anticipated.


Are you a medical professional? Apply to become a contributor, then once accepted, submit your own journal or article or answer a medical question.

We Really Care

If after searching the site you still need answers to a medical question, simply email Dr. Cohen directly and he will personally help guide you in the right direction.

The best part of all? Every bit of information on the entire site is free to the public. So, there’s nothing stopping you. Take full advantage! Educate and empower yourself with today’s breaking medical information from Standard of Care.

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To your great health and vastly improved medical knowledge,


SOC team



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