Situximab is an anti-IL-6 chimeric monoclonal antibody treatment for HIV- and HHV-8-negative patients with multicentric Castleman’s disease (MCD).

Trade name Sylvant.

Siltuximab binds to IL-6, which is overproduced in patients with MCD, andreduces symptoms caused by high-levels of the cytokine.

Iimproves durable tumor and symptomatic responses.

The first therapy for this rare lymphoproliferative disorder.

Improves durable tumor and symptomatic response by 34% compared with no response with placebo plus best supportive care (Wong RSF et pal).

Additionally, 25% of patients treated with siltuximab experienced complete symptom resolution for a minimum of 18 weeks.

At a median 5.1-year follow-up, the median time to treatment failure with siltuximab had not been reached.

The overall response rate was 34% and the durable symptomatic response rate was 57%.

After 13 weeks of therapy, 61% of anemic patients treated experienced an improvement in hemoglobin levels of ≥15 g/L.

Patients treated experienced a sustained reduction in inflammatory markers, such as CRP, ESR, and fibrinogen.

Patients presenting symptoms included fatigue (86%), malaise (61%), night sweats (52%), peripheral sensory neuropathy (38%), anorexia (37%), and pruritus (37%).

Adverse events were fatigue, rash, pruritus, night sweats, upper respiratory tract infection, weight gain, hyperuricemia neutropenia, thrombocytopenia, and hypertension.


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