Shift work disorder

Approximately 15% unemployed adults in the United States during the nighttime.

Night time work causes a misalignment between the sleep-weight schedule and sleep and wake propensity controlled by the hypothalamus circadian pacemaker.

In most patients to work at night will come you during the night and early morning circulating misalignment results in impaired wakefulness while working will communicate and insomnia during daytime sleep.

The process is ref2242ed to as shift work type or circadian rhythm sleep disorder, or work sleep disorder.

Severely affected patients may fall asleep while working or commuting.

One third of night workers admit to regularly sleeping at least once per week while working, and half admits to falling asleep while commuting (Gold DR).

56% of professional truck drivers report drowsiness while driving, with 80% of such events occurring at night: 10% of drivers account for 54% of episodes (Mittler MM).

44.8% of night shift workers and 35.8% of rotating shift workers report excessive sleepiness, and 18.5% of night shift workers , and 15.7% of rotating shift workers report daytime sleep insomnia (Drew CL).

Shift work can impair health status, work performance and well being, and in those with shift work disorder an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, depression, sleep related accidents, ulcers, and absenteeism exist compared to shift workers without shift work disorder (Drake CL).

Associated with sleepiness and impaired cognition and psychomotor performance, which may lead to motor vehicle and work related accidents.

Modafinil improves wakefulness and attention in shift work disorder,

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