Trade names are Eldepryl, Zelapar and Selgene.

Routes of administrative are oral, transdermal, and buccal.

Has a bioavailability of 4.4% oral fasting, 20% after food and 18% by patch.

Has protein binding of 90% and hepatic metabolism.

Half-life of 10 hours orally and 18-25 hours transdermally.

A drug for the treatment of early-stage Parkinson’s disease, depression and dementia.

It is a selective irreversible MAO-B inhibitor, however, in larger doses it also inhibits MAO-A.

Dietary restrictions for lower doses is unnecessary.

In the treatment of Parkinson’s disease it can be used alone or in a combination with another agent, most often L-DOPA.

For the newly diagnosed Parkinson’s patients, it may slow the progression of the disease, although this is controversial.

Felt to delay the time when the L-DOPA (levodopa) treatment for Parkinson’s disease becomes necessary from 10-12 to 18 months.

Adding selegiline to levodopa decreases the dose of levodopa by about 40% and reduces its the motor complications.

Selegiline + levodopa also extends the time until the levodopa dose had to be increased from 2.6 to 4.9 years.

Approved to treat major depression using a transdermal patch (Emsam Patch).

Minor side effects: dizziness, dry mouth, difficulty falling or staying asleep, muscle pain, rash, nausea and constipation.

More serious side effects: headache, tachycardia, arrhythmia, hallucinations, chorea, or difficulty breathing.

A selective inhibitor of MAO-B.

MAO-B metabolizes dopamine and phenylethylamine.

Has little therapeutic benefit when used alone in PD, but enhances and prolongs the anti-Parkinson effects of levodopa.

Has a low oral bioavailability, which increases when ingested together with a high-fat meal.

Oral bioavailability is significantly increased in females taking oral contraceptives by10- to 20-fold.

Selegiline is partly metabolized to L-methamphetamine, and may also cause persons taking selegiline to test positive for amphetamine and or methamphetamine on drug screening tests.

Selegiline in combination with the older non-selective MAOIs requires a low tyramine diet.

The risk of a true serotonin syndrome with SSRIs and selegiline is quite low.

A combination of selegiline with fluoxetine can lead to severe reactions.

Is available as a transdermal patch for use in treating major depression (EMSAM).

Available as a transmucosal preparation with lowered GI effects compared to oral selegiline (Zelapar).

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