Sauna bathing

A form of passive heat therapy, characterized by exposure to high environmental temperature for a brief period.

A Finnish sauna is characterized by dry air and relatively high temperature.

By throwing water on hot rocks of the sauna heater the temperature and humidity can be temporarily increased.

The heating source has temperature settings from 80C to 100C in a sauna.

The sauna usually is made of a log of wood and wooden benches above the floor for bathers to sit on.

Recommended temperature is from 80C to 100C the level of the bather’s head but is lower at the floor level, ensuring efficient ventilation and conditions of comfort.

The relative humidity varies from 10-20%.

Sessions typically consist of short stays in a sauna room, interspersed with cooling periods.

The duration of session was usually ranges from 5-20 minutes, although longer sessions may may be used.

During a sauna session the heart rate may increase to 120-150 beats/minute from baseline.

There is no active skeletal muscle function during sauna bathing.

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