Ridinilazole is a non-inferior alternative to vancomycin in treating patients with Clostridium difficile.

In a phase 2 non-inferiority study of 100 participants with signs and symptoms of C. difficile received 200 mg oral ridinilazole every 12 hours, ve 125 mg oral vancomycin every 6 hours: A total of 24 (66.7%) patients receiving ridinilazole had a sustained clinical response, compared with 14 (42.4%) of those receiving vancomycin.

It was well tolerated by participants and had an adverse event profile similar to that of vancomycin.

In the study about 82% of patients receiving ridinilazone reported adverse events, compared with 80% of patients receiving vancomycin.

A targeted-spectrum antimicrobial that shows potential in treatment of initial C difficile infection and in providing sustained benefit through reduction in disease recurrence.

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