A skin condition characterized by a red, swollen, and bumpy nose.

It is an advanced form of acne rosacea.

Acne rosacea causes inflammation and pimples on the face, scalp, and neck.

Middle-aged white men are most likely to get rhinophyma.

12 times as common in men as women.

It is not life-threatening, but can be very disfiguring.

Controlling rosacea may prevent it from progressing to rhinophyma.

Symptoms include red, inflamed, and swollen nose, with thickening of skin and large pores on nose.

Knobby red bumps on or around the nose, and growth of nose or change in shape can occur.

About 13 million people in the U.S. have rosacea.

Fair-skinned people of European and Celtic origin are most likely to have rosacea.

Treatment may include:

Avoiding triggers that cause your rosacea to flare up

Topical or oral antibiotics

Topical creams

Laser therapy to remove excess tissue and improve nose contour

Dermabrasion to remove the top one or two layers of skin to sculpt and reduce the size of the nose

Tissue removal with a scalpel

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