Respiratory therapists

Respiratory therapists are healthcare professionals who receive a degree in respiratory therapy or respiratory science and complete a credentialing process and a license to practice in the region governed by their respective licensing body.

Respiratory therapists work under the supervision of an intensive care physician or pulmonary specialist.

Specialized in both cardiac and pulmonary care.

Often collaborate with specialists in pulmonology and anesthesia.

Respiratory therapists are specialists in airway management.

Respiratory therapists often help in the managing life support for people in intensive care units and emergency departments, and post anesthesia.

RTs help stabilize and monitor high risk patients being moved from hospital to hospital, administer hinhaled drugs and medical gases such as asthma medication, oxygen, and anesthetic gases.

RTs conduct tests to measure lung functions.

RTs educate patients in the management of cystic fibrosis, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders.

RTs manage home oxygen needs of patients, and provide support for home ventilators and other respiratory equipment.

RTs assist in the management of sleep-related illnesses.

Operating room respiratory therapists provide technical support to the anesthesiologist for the proper use and maintenance of the anesthetic gas machine, and provide airway management.

Neonatal and pediatric specialists deal primarily with managing support for the pediatric or neonatal patients.

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