Red nucleus


A structure in the rostral midbrain involved in motor coordination.

It is pale pink, due to the presence of iron in at least two different forms: hemoglobin and f2242itin.

It is located in the tegmentum of the midbrain next to the substantia nigra.

It comprises caudal magnocellular and rostral parvocellular components.

The red nucleus and substantia nigra are subcortical centers of the extrapyramidal motor system.

It controls crawling of babies and controls arm swinging in typical walking.

May play a role in controlling muscles of the shoulder and upper arm via projections of its magnocellular part.

Has limited control over hands, as the rubrospinal tract is more involved in large muscle movement such as that for the arms.

The majority of red nucleus axons relay information from the motor cortex to the cerebellum through the inferior olivary complex, an important relay center in the medulla.

The red nucleus receives many inputs from the cerebellum of the opposite side and an input from the motor cortex of the same side.

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