Reasons for tattoos

There is no one reason for getting a tattoo.

In many cultures, the practice of tattooing the skin is an extension of ancient rituals or traditional aesthetics.

In some cases, the tattoos have no history as part of a long-established culture but still serve as a marker of affiliation to a subculture.

Members of biker or prison gangs, political fringe groups, or even punk rockers and vegans might get certain tattoos as proud displays of their membership in these groups. 

Having these permanent symbols can also bolster their sense of pride and belonging to these groups.

Some regard the permanence of a tattoo or even its conspicuousness makes them ideal for marking something of personal significance: these tattoos indicate something of significance to the individual, not their community as a whole.

 Tattoos commemorating the birth of a child, for example, are common, as are those that are meant as a tribute to a deceased loved one. 

Many tattoo a slogan, motto, or saying that they hold dear and use to orient their lives.

Many people are drawn to tattoos simply because of their beauty or look.

Some feel compelled to get a tattoo  because they are enamored with a particular design or image and want it permanently inked on their skin.

For some it is a,permanent fashion accessory, complementing their overall look or personal aesthetic. 

For some it is an expression of Individuality, that makes the person stand out.

Others want to stand out in a crowd, but also want something that will be a physical manifestation of their personality: expressing  something they feel unique about themselves.

People often get tattoos to defy cultural norms, family expectations, or push boundaries in professional settings.

Some get tattoos rejecting religious or cultural upbringing, indicating a signal of a new lifestyles and their break with the past.

Some get tattoos to show that they are not conforming to some of the expectations of their professional roles: 

attorneys, politicians and business people.

People with rebellious tattoos often become regretful, sometimes months or years after the initial inking.

Sometimes, tattoos are used partly for cosmetic reasons, to cover over or even incorporate certain imperfections in the skin: scars, stretch marks, varicose veins and cellulite, to make them less prominent and visible.

It means that this permanent form of cover-up is an attractive proposition.

Some people get tattoos precisely because they are Addicted to the pain or the process.

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