Rare cancers

Defined as an incidence of fewer than six cases for 100,000 people per year.

One in five cancer is diagnosed as a rare cancer.

Approximately 20% of patients with cancer diagnosed with a rare cancer, and they are more common among Hispanic and Asian/Pacific Islander populations.

Collectively rare cancers are likely to be diagnosed at later stages and overall survival is poor.

American cancer society data found that 59% of rare cancers are diagnosed at regional or distant stages compared with 45% of common cancers among solid tumors.

Five years relative survival among rare cancers is poorer compared with those diagnosed with a common cancer among both men and women (55% versus 75% and 60% versus 74%, respectively).

Five-year survival is substantially higher for children and adolescents-82%-compared with the 46% survival rate for adults age 65-79.

71% of cancers occurring in children and adolescents are rare compared with less than 20% of cancers diagnosed in patient 65 years and older.

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