Prostatic specific antigen velocity (PSAV)

Refers to the rate of change of PSA.

High preoperative level, independent of PSA level or Gleason score is a risk factor for death of prostate cancer in men who undergo radical prostatectomy.

Men with high PSAV levels are more likely to have a high Gleason score and advanced pathologic stage.

At diagnosis is related to prostate cancer aggressiveness.

Levels measured 10-15 years before diagnosis distinguished men who die from prostate cancer from men with prostate cancer who do not.

Velocity greater than 0.75 ng/mL per year is considered abnormal.

In a prospective study of PSA measurements two years apart, the median annual percent change in serum PSA level was 4.83% and the 95th percentile was about 49.76%: the variability in estimated annual change decreased with increasing time between assessments, within 95th percentile of 21.82% after eight or more years. Between assessments.

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