Prophylactic antibiotics

For high risk dental or endoscopic procedures with comorbidities such as inflammatory arthropathies, immunosuppressive states, insulin dependent diabetes, previous prosthetic joint infection, HIV infection, malignancies and during the first 2 years after a joint replacement.

Recommended for high risk dental procedures which include extractions, implants, periodontal procedures, replantation of teeth, root canal surgery, placement of orthodontic bands, intraligamentous and intraosseous anesthetic injections and prophylactic cleaning when bleeding expected.

Prophylactic antibiotics are recommended for those receiving intensive chemotherapy but not in those undergoing stem cell transplanttion..

Prophylactic antibiotics are recommended following severe dog or cat bites, particularly in immunocompromised patients.

Prophylactic antibiotic dosage should be increased in obese patients and, in surgical cases with excessive blood loss.

First or second generation, cephalosporins are indicated at the time of hip or knee arthroplasty to prevent soft tissue infection.

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