Prolymphocytic leukemia

B-cell type-patients tend to be older than patients with CLL with a median age in the 70’s.

B- cell type-usually present advanced disease with higher white blood cell counts and more massive splenomegaly and less pronounced adenopathy than patients with CLL.

B- cell type-patients respond poorly to chemotherapy with response rates less than 25% with rare complete responders.

B-cell type-median survival is 3 years.

B-cell-type-can arise associated a secondary transformation from CLL with a very poor survival.

T-cell type-rare postthymic malignancy with a median survival of 7.5 months.

T-cell type-monoclonal antibody to CD52 highly effective therapy.

T-cell type-deoxycoformin has a 40-50% objective response rate, with approximately 10% complete response.

T-cell type-usually present with massive splenomegaly, 40% with lymphadenopathy and 20% of patients with skin infiltration.

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