Plavix assay (P2Y12)

Rapid platelet function assay to measure the effects of drugs that act on the P2Y12 receptor.

These agents include the thienopyridine class of drugs, including clopidogrel and ticlopidine.

Platelet P2Y12 inhibition can be determined while the patient is still taking clopidogrel.

5% to 30% of patients do not respond adequately to standard doses of clopidogrel.

Assay calculates percent of platelet inhibition by thienopyridine drugs.

Results that are more sensitive and specific than ADP-induced platelet aggregometry.

For patients on chronic antiplatelet therapy, target levels of platelet inhibition are ≥ 50%.

May be useful for detecting thienopyridine resistance.

Patients with adequate platelet inhibition have an increased risk of bleeding, and withdrawal of clopidogrel is recommended five days prior to surgery.

May detect those patients with inadequate (< 20%) platelet inhibition that can be taken to surgery without delay.

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