Plasma proteins (serum proteins, blood protens)

Consist of albumin, globulins, and fibrinogen.

Blood contains well defined proteins that are normally maintained at specific concentrations.

Serum albumin at 35 to 55 g/L provides 80% of the oncotic pressure, serves molecular transport, maintain serum pH and carries out antioxidant and esterase reactions.

Globulin fractions include alpha1, alpha2, beta1, beta2 globulins and fibrinogen.

Exert an osmotic force of 25 mm Hg across the capillary wall.

The oncotic pressure pulls water into the blood across the capillary wall, which is relatively impermeable to such proteins.

Are responsible for 15% of the buffering capacity of the blood.

At the pH of 7.40 proteins are mostly in the anionic form and is a significant part of the anionic complement of plasma.

Include antibodies and blood clotting proteins.

The second most abundant serum protein class is immunoglobulins, at 7.5 to 22 g/L.


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