Physical performance

Declines in the order of 8.5% per decade in running performance and 1% decrease per year in swimming performance after the age of 25 years.

Low levels of physical capability in middle age signals poorer chance of survival over the next 13 years in the study of 1355 man 1411 women in the UK (Cooper R et al).

In the above steady grip strength, chair rise speed, and standing balance time of participants at age 53 were evaluated.

In the above study patients with lower physical capability scores had lower socioeconomic position, less healthy lifestyles, higher prevalence of self-reported cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and respiratory symptoms compared with those with higher scores.

In the above study individuals who could not complete any of the three tests have death rates more than 12 times higher than those who able to complete the test, and the hazard ratio of all cause mortality for the lowest versus the highest quintiles of physical capability was 3.68.

Decreased physical function is a significant predictor of future hospitalization.

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